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Nova Scotia Online Gambling Laws

A picturesque Canadian province called Nova Scotia has many incredibly attractive features. One of them, in particular, will be of great interest for people ready to surf the waters of the local Internet gambling. They will quickly find out the possibilities they are presented with are almost limitless. It is true they will easily come across numerous Nova Scotia online casinos, both native and foreign ones. Despite the choice, your gambling in some Nova Scotia-friendly online platform will be 100% enjoyable, secure, and satisfying.

Something about Local Land-Based Casinos

Before turning to the online casino sessions via smartphones, computers or tablets, the local residents interested in the games of chance could (and, actually, still can) visit a few brick-and-mortar casino facilities. Due to the popularity of gambling in general, these casinos know no lack of visitors even today. Thus, those who feel like old-school gamblers and do not view online gambling as the real treat, are welcome to pay a visit to Halifax or Sydney Casino Nova Scotia facilities. Judging by the modern standards, they are very well packed with hundreds of slot machines, poker rooms, and other casino pleasantries. Sports bettors, bingo players, and racing fans should take no offense either. The province offers some nice bingo rooms and racing facilities, such as Dartmouth Sportsplex Super Bingo or Truro Raceway.

Land-Based vs. Online Casinos in Nova Scotia

Having such a nice choice of the real-world casinos in the area, Nova Scotia gamblers are visiting virtual gambling platforms in thousands. Why is it so? First of all, because of the much wider choice of games. Online casinos abound in various video and classic slots, deeply loved casino table and card games, video poker variations and much more. Sportsbook fans are eagerly keeping an eye on all the sports events they are interested in and place their bets online with equal passion and hope to win.

Nova Scotia Gambling Preferences

Such attractive gambling opportunities you can get in Nova Scotia are undoubtedly appealing. This is the reason novices join the group of the local online casino players daily. They, however, can face some minor problem concerning the games with which to try their luck. We have carried out a little research and found out Nova Scotia players’ gambling choices. Following the worldwide gambling tendency, various slot games are extremely popular there, especially the ones offering mind-blowing million-dollar progressive jackpots. Casino games, such as blackjack, roulette or video poker have won hearts of the players too. And how can we forget about sports betting? If you decide to test your luck in this area, do not miss the chance to place a bet on some hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, and other sports events.

Gambling at the Best Nova Scotia Online Sites

Internet casinos that accept Nova Scotia players are numerous, but we think it is our duty to direct you only to the ones of the best reputation and highest value. Our recommended online casinos (such as Jackpot City, for example) are trusted and secure. We have checked their game portfolios, available banking options, site navigation, smoothness of the gameplay, bonuses, and promotions on offers, and many other aspects. After such a thorough examination, each player can hope to experience only fast, safe, and rewarding gambling online.

For those who still doubt the benefits of the virtual gambling in Nova Scotia, we have found a few other advantages. They are:

  • the chance to save money on travels, lodgings, and other expenses connected with the land-based casino's visits; 
  • the round-the-clock access to your favourite games; 
  • the possibility to play wherever and whenever you think fit;
  • the generous welcome offers, promotions, and VIP programs online casino offer.

We hope they are enough to make you create an account and start playing online at Nova Scotia casinos.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Online Gambling in Saskatchewan


It is hard to find luckier Canadian players who have an access to such a large number of land-based and online casinos than those living in the province of Saskatchewan. In addition to nice brick-and-mortar gambling facilities scattered around, local players enjoy the full-time access to virtual casinos, sports books, poker rooms, and other casino pleasures available online. They are so cool and popular because of their impressive game portfolios and not less impressive bonus offers as well as the unparalleled customer support and protection of their clients. Those who want to find out more about the local casino industry and Saskatchewan internet casinos please keep reading.

A Prominent Saskatchewan Casino

The local residents’ gambling love is proved by the existence of eight land-based casinos together with horseracing tracks, lotteries, and racinos. Some of the most popular ones include Casino Regina, Casino Moose Jaw, Gold Eagle Casino, etc. They, however, have a strong competitor in the form of Northern Bear Online Casino. This is the local online casino founded in 2012. Saskatchewan players create real-money accounts and test the available games with pleasure at this native online casino. However, the presented games are not numerous as well as so popular nowadays bonuses and promotions. Northern Bear Online Casino is a good choice but there are better variants for Saskatchewan players.

Foreign Online Casinos in Saskatchewan

Under these ‘better variants’ we understand some great international casinos that accept players from Canada. They are, for example, Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace, and so on. These casinos also share the legal status and are operated under the jurisdictions of the reputable gambling bodies. What is more, their bright and easy-to-navigate sites are filled with the impressive number of games, from brand-new slots to classic table offers and unique specialty games. Players preferring sportsbook gambling activities will easily find a place to make a bet. In addition to these awesome features, there is one more obvious advantage. Even a novice player can be treated like a VIP client right after the registration. Despite the sum of a deposit or the number of times you play at a casino, you can always gain benefits from a lucrative welcome or sign-up bonus, reward programs. At last but not the least, even popular progressive jackpot games have bigger prizes and pay out more often at online casinos that accept local players.

Further Advantages of Online Casino

Apart from the game selection and attractive bonus offers, international online casinos have some other cons over their land-based counterparts. Each casino player would like to gain an access to a favourite game at any time. it is not always possible in land-based casinos because of their working hours, possible crowds, etc. Online gamblers have no such problem simply because Internet casinos work 24/7 and let you play a preferred game despite any factors.

It is much cheaper to visit an online casino than a land-based one. Here we mean the inevitable expenses for food, clothes, travel, hotel, and, of course, the play itself. While frequenting an online casino you can forget about all the previous points and spend money exclusively on the play and your lucky game. Besides, if you lack the socializing factor, modern online casino portals keep diminishing the line between the real and virtual worlds by offering the high-quality live dealer and multi-player games. But if you still want to visit some brick-and-mortar casinos check out the list of best ones on TripAdvisor.

We once again repeat Saskatchewan players are lucky people with many wonderful and, what is more important, safe places to gamble online. So, good luck in your virtual gambling attempts in Saskatchewan.

Fairy Gate Casino Slot by Quickspin Review

Pretty fairies, flying orbs, and great adventures are waiting for players in Fairy Gate slot from Quickspin provider. This overly kind, bright, and magical game with 5 reels and 20 paylines is the real gift for those adoring fairy tales, forest kingdoms, and fantasy creatures. However, the Wild Fairy Feature, Free Spins, Extra Wilds, and some other great bonuses will quickly make you return from the imaginary world with coins flowing to your account. Such an endeavor is easy to make at top Quickspin online casinos offering the safe and enjoyable gambling sessions.

Inhabitants of the Magic Forest

The thing that strikes you most in Fairy Gate slot is the amazing design depicting the forest and beautiful fairies with the great precision. It seems the slot’s creators have done their homework well because all the game details are well-thought and look just gorgeous. The background scenery and the ornate gates near the reels will certainly attract your attention.

So who is hiding behind these gates? You will be glad to open them and meet four attractive fairies who are kind and generous to talented and diligent players. It is hard to take the eyes off them but there are also playing card symbols, Wild and Scatter icons. While our fairies and card symbols form combos and pay out coins, our special icons brighten up the play with extra bonuses in addition to their payouts.

Catch Orbs on the Reels

We have no doubts everyone will have a growing desire to open the magic gates from the very first spin. The chance to do this can come quite unexpectedly because the gates can open randomly at any time. Then you will be among those chosen ones to see the magic in action. Two extra reels will appear instead of the gates and these will be filed with orb symbols. The shining orbs will contain tiny sparkling fairies (from 2 to 5 in each sphere).

Wild and Generous Fairies

After you manage to regain your composure, get ready to watch how fairies form the orbs transforms into Wilds and settle on the main reels. This image is called the Fairy Wild Feature. Remember the number of the Wild will be defined by the number of fairies in the orbs. What is more, you will also get a re-spin with all these fairies and orbs until you see no spheres on the extra reels. The gate then will close.

Where Are the Free Spins?

If you want to enjoy flying fairies more and more, we will tell you about one more way to make the gates open. The combination of 3+ Fairy Orb Bonus symbols will start the round of 10 Free Spins as well as activate the Fairy Wild Feature. The magic with two extra reels, orbs, and Extra Wilds unveils once again but the time without re-spins. The reels spin for free and together with the Fairy Wild Feature can make you a very rich person.

Reach the Top with Fairies

Fair Gate is the amazing release of the cool graphics, smooth gameplay, and the set of great features. Your entrance to the forest kingdom can cost from 0.2 to 100 coins a spin to suit all kinds of bettors. Believe it or not, this childish slot can award very adult prizes, so hurry to test it right now.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips On Winning Big With A Small Bankroll

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In order to do what millions dream about, you should start with bankroll preservation – after that, you can move on, make a quick and instant MasterCard casino deposit, and win big prizes. 

The common goal of almost every online casino player out there is to win big and even though that may sound easy for players with deeper pockets, striking big for small bankroll players is more a dream than reality. However, that never-reaching high prize or progressive jackpot can easily become a reality.

Most casinos offer games with fairly good odds, which means that with enough strategy and discipline, even small bankroll players can win big. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you will not need that X factor – a tiny stroke of luck.

Every small bankroll player needs to know that it small wins lead to big wins, which means that you should preserve your bankroll if you want a huge payout. If you want to win big, there will be no insane spur-of-the-moment bets hoping for a huge payout. Let us make this a bit clearer – for example, you managed to earn C$100 and you decided to go over to the online roulette table which has a winning chance of 35:1. If you start betting C$5, you technically have 20 rounds to win big which is significantly less than 35. But what if you divide your money into 35 equal bets? Well, that too will not guarantee you a chance to win big. What you need to do is accumulate smaller wins which will eventually lead to a huge payout.

Win Big With Few Basic Tips

First of all, you should know that there is no magic formula that will help you win big. However, there are tips, guides, strategies, number, and statistics etc. If your game of choice is slot machine then you should know that they have a house edge up to 20%. This means that the house will win big, no matter what happens. And slots players mostly hope that they will win a progressive jackpot.

But if you are persistent about playing slots, then we have a few tips that require research but they will help you a lot. You should always look for average progressive payouts for every slot game you play. This means that playing games when the jackpot is higher than the average value bring a bigger winning chance. It does not guarantee you a win, but if you do end up winning, you will win big – very big!

You can also increase betting limits. If you happen to win a larger amount of money, do not cash out. Rather keep on playing your game of choice, but with higher stakes. Think of it this way – you won the money from casino so technically you are not spending your own money (this helps to maintain your casino bankroll a bit longer). Bet high with casino money and casino money only.

Maintain your discipline and avoid an irrational decision. Also, use casino promotions. Players who have small bankrolls play longer periods of time which means that you will meet wagering requirements in no time and the bonus from the promotion will help you significantly.

Best Game Choices For New Players

New players often have no idea about what to play. This is where statistics come in – if you are open-minded player, consider games with the lowest house edge. You will minimize the chance of depleting your bankroll entirely and it will help you on your way to the huge payout. Some of the classic beginner games are:
  • Baccarat – it has house edge of 1.06% (it requires wagering on the banker every hand). You will not win big, but you can accumulate a substantial amount of money
  • Video Poker – with enough tips and basic gaming strategy, you can lower the house edge to 0.1%.
  • Blackjack – do some research and find basic blackjack strategy tables. It will help you lower the house edge down to 0.5%.
  • Pai Gow Poker – this fun game is one of the safest out there.
Learn the basic strategy well and with enough time invested you can earn a lot. Small bankroll players need time, discipline and plenty of effort if they want to win big. Most online casinos have guides and tips, so make sure you browse through, it will help you a lot.

Quebec Casinos and Quebec Gambling

You will make no mistake after deciding to invest your money in some of the online casinos available for Quebec players. Being packed with thousands of absorbing slot games, the high-quality virtual video poker rooms, live table and card games, these sites will leave you resting with the positive emotions and money on the account. Add to this the set of welcome offers that seem better and better from casino to casino, you will quickly find yourself browsing the list of checked Quebec-friendly gambling portals. Each and every one of these online casinos is legit and satisfies Quebec online gambling regulation thus making each real-money play safe and protected.

Favourite Gambling Picks in Quebec

It is no secret, Canadians like gambling in its numerous forms and Quebec residents do not differ from the rest of the country. With such a huge number of video slot and classic slot games, the local players can’t (and don’t want to) suppress their love to them. Their special favourites are, of course, slots with progressive jackpots that can make a person a millionaire in a few spins. Players from Quebec also stake their money on roulette, blackjack, video poker, and other well-known casino games with the great pleasure. Another distinctive tendency in the local virtual gambling concerns the great attention to sports events, for example, the one connected with hockey or football matches, lacrosse or baseball. The great news all the above-mentioned popular gambling options are not limited to desktop versions only. They look and play awesome on smartphone and tablet’s screens. Live dealer games also deserve special attention and admiration.

Local Official Gambling Platform

When we speak about Internet gambling in Quebec, it is impossible to omit a local government-regulated casino called EspaceJeux. This is the casino created exclusively for Quebec players. Its so to say the first language is French, but you can choose English among the language settings, though the quality of translation will not be the best possible. If French is not a problem, you are welcome to test this site on your own just like around 100,000 other players do. After completing the registration process, you will be able to start the real-money play with slots, video poker, bingo, blackjack, and some other games. You should be ready though to find the smaller number of games compared with international online casinos. Despite the site’s compatibility with mobile devices and the fully legit status, it has some other drawbacks. The first and foremost disadvantage concerns bonus offers and promotions. One should not expect to be treated with a mind-blowing welcome package or reward program at the official casino. Secondly, the sums of progressive jackpots will be smaller and pay less frequently because of the small number of players in comparison with foreign online casinos that accept players worldwide.

International Gambling Portals are the Way Out

If you happen not to know about better alternatives to the local casino website, we are glad to inform you there are ones. They are reputable online casinos with millions of players, thousands of games, and nice bonus offers. You will definitely be taken aback by the number of available games, their sums, and, what is more, payout rates. Attractive welcome and sign up bonuses, regular promotions, tournaments, and VIP programs are what you lack at the government regulated a casino. Of course, progressive jackpot prizes and payouts, in general, are higher and more frequent there.

Do not worry about the safety and security once you are at one of our recommended sites. We have checked their licensing, bonuses, withdrawal times, the customers’ treatment, and other crucial factors. What does this all mean? This means that online gambling in Quebec will always be exciting, safe, and rewarding from now on. Do not miss a chance to win prizes immediately.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Online Gambling in Manitoba

The province of the thousand lakes and endless opportunities opens its doors for talented and skilled casino players. The existing land-based casinos of Manitoba are great, however, they have to face a serious competitor in the form of multiple online casinos easily accessible to the local residents. Traditionally, one can invest money and wander through the virtual casino world at the government-regulated online casino (i.e., as well as, try to discover much more appealing and vast gambling chances offered by the international casino portals. Both the first and the last options are worthy and checked endeavors being kept under the strict Manitoba online casino regulation. Thus, what is so interesting about gambling online in this Canadian province?

Leap the Vast Playing Opportunities Online

The reasons land-based casinos suffer from their online counterparts’ expansion are quite clear:
  • many unique and diverse casino games and updated offers of the classic favourite;
  • the absence of the unnecessary travel, attire, accommodation and other expenses;
  • round-the-clock opportunities to play;
  • mind-blowing jackpot prizes and high payouts;
  • appealing bonuses and VIP programs, etc.

These are the key reasons Manitoba online casinos (together with online casinos worldwide) are so loved by modern gamblers. Isn’t it wonderful to switch on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, log on and start playing for real money or even for free at any time of day and night just sitting in whatever and wherever you see fit? Manitoba players do just this by choosing bonus features and striking progressive jackpots. They show the great interest towards the sports events in their country and abroad. That’s why it is no rare they stake their C$ on hockey or football matches. To cut the long story short, online gambling opportunities are awesome for Manitoba residents who are free to choose among the reputable sites and enjoy multiple online, live dealer, and mobile games.

Advantages of International Casino Sites in Manitoba

Having nothing against (an online casino regulated by the local government for their citizens), we still urge you to stick to the foreign gambling platforms that accept Canadian players and we provide you with an explanation.

The locally regulates site has the Welcome Bonus but it is of the fixed value and less more generous than the ones you can get on other sites.

Despite the certain playthrough and deposit requirements, many of the Welcome offers at the international casinos are worth trying and can boost the play considerably.

The long lists and diverse game categories are what you will find at any of the recommended foreign casinos.

The progressive slots jackpots are much higher than the ones at the local gambling site.

High-quality and unique variations of roulette, blackjack, and other casino games are easy to find there.

The variety of other bonuses offers (Match, No Deposit Bonuses, etc.) together with reward and VIP programs aimed to attract players and make them regular visitors.

Be Prepared for a Free Play Sessions

Another unique feature you will not be treated with at a land-based casino is the existence of free games. Indeed, it is a cool opportunity to familiarize yourself with the gameplay and the rules without depositing money. Lots of Manitoba gamblers use this chance and play for free before being fully confident in their game choice and strategy. Some can argue the free play is a waste of time for a serious gambler but, with the constantly growing casino industry and innovative approaches to the games’ creation, it is sometimes highly advisable to check a game in a free mode.

Concluding Remarks about Manitoba Online Casinos

We are ready to assure everyone in the 100% trustworthiness and solid reputation of the casinos we advise to Canadian players. With the bunch of the above-mentioned advantages they possess, we can add one more plus. Do you know they are open 24/7 and can accept you anytime you want? So, sit comfortably, choose an online casino and start winning money be it in the dead of night or at the crack of dawn. An immense pleasure and big prizes are waiting for everyone.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Tarzan Casino Slot by Microgaming

Free your wild nature and wing on lianas towards handsome wins of Tarzan video slot. This Microgaming-powered game features 5 reels and 40 paylines with lots of action going on during the gameplay. Watch out coin-loaded hippos, pick Stacked Wilds and Scatters among the trees, and become the king of jungles with the 1,100,000-credit prize!

Explore the Jungles and Find Prizes

Some strangers have arrived in Tarzan’s kingdom. The wild inhabitants such as monkeys, leopards, and birds can pay them off but who knows, Tarzan may very well fall in love with a beautiful girl. Nevertheless, jungles are the place with treasures hidden everywhere and even simple fruits are quite valuable here.

The Game Logo symbol is the Stacked Wild icon with the power to boost any gameplay manifold. The Bonus symbols should also be your objective as it is the most valuable icon responsible for the bonus feature activation.

Tame the Wild Hero

Tarzan slot is the great opportunity to befriend the favourite hero and move along the path of adventures with him. Don’t forget to pick up nice prizes in the jungle adventure. You can do this at one of our recommended casinos, for example, Betway. There are many other Microgaming casino slots at Betway online gambling site waiting for you to explore and win real money!

Wheel of Fortune amid the Forest

Three and more Bonus Scatter symbols appearing on Tarzan slot reels are the key to an intriguing Bonus Wheel Feature. Both explorers and simple gamblers are welcome to make a spin on this prize-filled wheel. Lucky players who stop the pointer in a correct position will add nice cash prizes or the jackpot of up to the 1,000x their bet. Two other prizes available on the wheel are The Pick-a-Potamus Bonus and Free Spins.

Wins Rolling in a Free Mode

The round of free spins got on the wheel consists of 12 Free Spins with Growing Wilds and Rolling Reels. While the free spins round is quite the common feature, the Rolling Reels and Growing Wilds create the true gambling mood. The first will let you enjoy many wins on consecutive spins, while the last will add one Wild symbol to the reels until filling 15 positions with Wilds.

Touch a Hippo - Get a Prize

Another goodie available in the Bonus Wheel Feature is the Pick-a-Potamus Bonus. Twelve hippos will fill the screen and present you the chance to get nice coin prizes. Click these animals with care and omit the word ‘Pop’ that ends the feature and all fun.